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Navigating the Journey Q and A: For Secondary Schools

  • FREE Q and A session for anyone teaching Navigating the Journey for years 9 and 10.  Our Navigating the Journey Q and A sessions are held regularly. 


    Online course

    • Course description

      This FREE Q and A session gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions about Navigating the Journey Years 9 and 10.  This could be around the delivery of specific activities or lesson plans, about the content of sessions, how to answer certain questions from students or parents, and advice on creating a safe, inclusive space.  This session is suitable for anyone already teaching Navigating the Journey or for anyone that hasn’t yet started but has questions about it.  This session is not suitable for those wanting training on Navigating the Journey.  Please contact your local Community Health Promoter to find out more about our training options.
    • Prerequisites

      For general course information, please read the  Terms and Conditions of courses and Code of Practice