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Tō mātou kōrero nehe

Our history

We've been operating since 1936.

    • 1930s - The Beginning
      • History Rendells Pessaries 1930S 499X285

        Rendell's Pessaries were always advertised as the “Wife’s Friend.” The first commercial pessaries were made in 1885.

    • 1940s - A decade of firsts
      • History Post Office Letter 1940S 499X285

        The Post Office letter saying we had posted obscene literature and reminding us that the facilities of the Post Office should not be used in this way.

    • 1950s - Legislation follows report
      • History Cervical 1950S 499X285

        A tray set up with the equipment needed for a cervical smear test – a speculum and the brushes and brooms used to sweep cells from the cervix.

    • 1960s - It’s all about the pill
      • History Pill Packet 1960S 499X285

        The United States was the first country to approve the contraceptive pill for sale – it was Enovid-10 on 23 June 1960.

    • 1970s - Abortion on the agenda
      • History Royal Commission 1970S 499X285

        The Royal Commission on Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion sat from June 1975 to March 1977. Source: Alexander Turnbull Library.

    • 1980s - Act amendment sought
      • History Sexuality Education 1980S 499X285

        Our sexuality education resource “Deciding and Choosing” was first published in 1985.

    • 1990s - Funding structure changes
      • History Icpd Logo 1990S 499X285

        New Zealand was one of 179 countries present at the landmark International Conference on Population and Development.

    • 2000s - Strategy announced
      • History Deaf Dvd 2000S 499X285

        We have resources and pamphlets in a number of different languages – including New Zealand Sign Language.

    • 2010s - Advocacy work pays off
      • History Implants 2010S 499X285

        Jadelle contraceptive implants are inserted under the skin in the upper arm during a 30 minute appointment.

    • 2020s - Decriminalising abortion & new name