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Conduct Cervical Screening US29556 2024

  • For NZ Registered Nurses, accredited Nurse Practitioners and Midwives. Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa is NZQA accredited to offer the Level 6 Unit Standard 29556 Conduct Cervical Screening.

    • Course description

      This standard is a Level 6 course with 10 Credits (100 hours of learning time).

      This course covers:

      • Anatomy, physiology, pathology and cytology
      • HPV primary screening
      • Options available for screening
      • Te Tiriti o Waitangi and hauora Māori models
      • Cultural safety and supportive delivery
      • Cervical screening and barriers to screening
      • Sexual health
      • Sexually transmissible infections (delivered online)
      • Symptomatic vs asymptomatic screening
      • Gynaecological disorders
      • Visualisation of cervix using a speculum
      • Laboratory input and colposcopy
      • Understanding results, recalls, referrals
      • National cervical screening programme
      • Informed consent

      You will be required to complete the STI component online and nominate a clinical supervisor who is a current certified cervical sample taker before attending the two and a half day course (see pre-requisites below), and take 15 samples under supervision. Finally, you will need to undergo a summative assessment of competency, which will include written and clinical components.  

      Please note that all these requirements must be able to be undertaken in your workplace.   If you cannot conduct the practical components of the course in your practice, you will not be able to complete the final assessment and gain certification. 

      NCSP Sample Taker Training Grant information is available on NSU website.

      Please be aware your records will only be kept for three years, after this period they will be destroyed.  Please ensure you make a copy of your records.

      Course fee:  $1100 which includes the STI online component

      The Midwifery Council has allocated 15 points for midwives who complete this course.

    • Prerequisites

      • Completion of the STI component online prior to workshop attendance.  The STI online components are accessed from this course.  Learners do not need to enrol and pay for the stand-alone STI online course on our website.
      • Full New Zealand registration as a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Midwife
      • Current Practicing Certificate
      • Current Indemnity Insurance
      • A clinical supervisor (current certified sample taker) for your practical training after the theory course. The NCSP Competencies for Cervical Screening Education and Training  specify the criteria for a clinical supervisor.
      • Able to complete all practical requirements within the trainee's own workplace.

      NOTE: Sexual Wellbeing Aotearoa training courses are delivered from our Learning Management System which is accessed via the Family Planning website.  The online training is browser based and will work on most standard browsers:  Chrome, Edge, Firefox (Internet Explorer is no longer supported).  Popups must be enabled to view all content on the online courses.  For technical assistance or support accessing this course, please contact [email protected].

      For general course information, including our cancellation policy, please read the Terms and Conditions for courses and Code of Practice.