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Intra uterine device (IUD)

  • IUD line drawing

    A hormonal IUD (not actual size)

    • How do IUDs work?
    • How well do IUDs work?
    • How long do IUDs work for?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of an IUD?
    • What are the side effects or risks of an IUD?
    • Is the IUD painful?
    • What do you need to know about getting an IUD for the first time?
    • How do you get an IUD?
    • How do you have your IUD removed?
    • Can you get an IUD for emergency contraception?
    • Can an IUD help you with heavy or painful periods?
    • Does an IUD protect you from STIs?
    • Can you get pregnant with your IUD in?
    • Can you get pregnant after your IUD is taken out?
    • How do you get an IUD?
    • How we can help you